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With School Store by The Music Teacher Shop, We will create an apparel store for your Music Program, Music School or Home Studio. 

Sell Your Apparel.

You  then can sell your apparel to your musical community, and we do all the manufacturing , shipping and cover all sales taxes. 

You Recieve a Commission.

You are compensated through our Commission portal on all sales you make through our marketplace. This way your music students benefit.  

Benefits of Opening a School Store

Opening a School Store is Easy. Register with us online today.

What is a School Store? 

School Store by The Music Teacher Shop is a multivendor platform that allows you “the vendor” the ability to sell custom apparel direct to your students and families in order to raise funds for your music program. Participation in the program also allows your students the opportunity to obtain scholarships through our scholarship fund programs. 

Who is eligible to open a School Store?

School Store’s through The Music Teacher Shop are available to music teaching providers, music programs and performing arts providers that are in some way involved in the promotion of music performance and music education. 

Eligible Programs include:


  • Community Music Programs
  • Community Performance Groups
  • School Programs
  • Private Music Schools
  • Private Music Teaching Studios
  • Music Therapists and Creative Arts Therapists.
  • School Choir and Band Programs. 
  • Non – Profit and For Profit providers of Music Education. 


* All participating programs must have a website, a mission to the importance of music education and have the proper tax information to sell products online. Private music teachers can use their own SSN as identification for tax purposes. 

Why Should You Open A School Store? 

  • Having a School Store allows you to design uniform, branded apparel for your students. This is not only a great way to provide your program with visibility, but also delivers your students within your community a sense of fellowship in music. 
  • All our products are manufactured and printed on demand through our platform and each item is made to order. So you will never be stuck with extra inventory, or have to order in bulk to raise money for your cause or program. 
  • We direct ship every ordered product to your customer and handle the entire process. Leaving you free to do what you do best, teach! 
  • Every School Store can be personalized by you. Our Designers will work with you on building your school store to your standards and brand.
  • Every School store is completely free to you as long as you meet our eligibility requirements. Each store is personal to you and is placed directly on your own website.
  • Any Student that is part of a music program that is participating in an active school store will be eligible to receive extra scholarships through The Music Teacher Shop. 10% of all the revenue on our website is pooled to supply High School Seniors that are applying for a credited music programs access to Scholarships. 

Vendor Dashboard

Every School Store has a backend dashboard where you can track all of your sales, shipping and commisions.

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