Our Mission: 


The Music Teacher Shop’s core mission is to supply musicians, students and music programs with access to funds provided through the sales of music-related apparel on our platform. We do this in two ways, music programs are able to sign up and create online marketplaces on our site. We call these school stores. Each school store participant will get a designer apparel store in which to market their program. School Store programs then receive a direct commision on every product they sell to help fundraise and create a new form of revenue to help aid their program. 

Also, 10% of all products that are sold on our platform are pooled to supply music students apply to a university music program with scholarship opportunities. This is our general scholarship fund. 


School Store: 


Any music or performing arts organization that believes in the power of music education, or provides students with memorable musical experiences are eligible to open a school store on our site. Contact us if you are interested in opening your own school store. We take care of all the design, tech stuff, and sales taxes. Each school store comes with a vendor dashboard that you can use to customize your school store and talk to your patrons. 



General Scholarship Fund: 

Our General Fund Scholarship is open to any music student in the United States that is looking to continue their studies at a university or college in order to become a music performer or educator.


Who is eligible?

Students are eligible to apply in March of their senior year of high school. All students that apply for the music teacher General Fund Scholarship must be invited to apply by a Music Teacher Shop School Store vendor. All School Store vendors are given applications in February each year. Each School Store vendor will then be able to nominate a scholarship candidate between March and May of each year. 

All General Scholarship Fund nominees are reviewed by our scholarship granting board, an anonymous group of music educators that will review all scholarship applicants. Applicants will follow the list of application requirements and submit the application to a School Store Vendor of the Music Teacher Shop before May 1st of each year.  

All awards are granted to the applicant by June 30th. Depending on the number of funds raised in any given year, and the number of applicants to the program the Music Teacher Shop may supply more than one scholarships to an individual.