Product Data Sheet (PDS) PDF - 209 KB (en) Adekit® H 9951-1 Product Data Sheet (PDS) PDF - 209 KB (en) It provides a waterproof seal with good mechanical properties, provides resistance to chemicals and … AnchorFix®-1. PRODUCT DATA SHEET SikaBond® Construction Adhesive ONE PART, ADVANCED POLYURETHANE, ELASTOMERIC ADHESIVE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SikaBond® Construction Adhesive is a one-component, durable and flexible exterior polyurethane adhesive. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 195 KB (en) Sika Level-01 Primer Plus. A�l�;�7�đ����o6kɕ�.��d�x Safety Data Sheet. publish. View All Adhesives. AnchorFix®-1. The elastic adhesive is easy to spread while maintaining stable trowel peaks. Sika Level SkimCoat. publish. It bonds to all common building materials, is permanently elastic and has excellent grab and gap filling properties making it ideal for use in a wide range of building and maintenance situations. .�7?>�}���p��i׷��Z��?���&u~�Ǽ�7�Dg�s��T���AXӅ1���`���(p$L��Xt��-7 0���\�F����{,���J��T��Ѝ�/���:^@��˩&H�Y ly\����~��;B�y�b�۔����Q� X|,�+ͣH{��_��ua��_���Z����#����� ;��� ����av��E��p�j�\ �:��]����i�T~�c�Įǟؕh�]��{��c6��8�{iVL���L�d�u�AI+6���E�4�7��IěgK�2���Mj>���+e��lOz!x`h�u��k;����tS{G���u�7[���S{�'9���{�-aJ:�3���8��)I/� �3�X����g�.����W�1�������ϟ$.g����� �'�K��s��S1���H����, Easy to apply. 8 0 obj Sika. 5 0 obj Internal and sheltered outdoor use. USES. High final strength. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. (en), PDF - 533 KB Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 114 KB (en) Sika Level-02 EZ Primer. Sikaflex® PRO-3 is a 1-part, polyurethane, tough, coloured, elastic joint sealant for sealing many types of joint configurations in floors and civil engineering structures. System Data Sheet (SysDS) PDF - 263 KB (en) Sikalastic®-3900 Traffic System. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 631 KB (en) Sikaflex-221. Product Data Sheet Show all documents Overview; Product Details; Application; Documents; Usage Sika® Primer-3 N is designed for Sikaflex®, SikaHyflex®, SikaBond® and Sikasil® products used on porous substrates (e.g. arrow_backward arrow_forward. Related Products. Sikaflex®+ Self-Leveling Sealant. (en), PDF - 528 KB Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 672 KB (en) Sikaflex-521 UV Normal. (en), PDF - 136 KB PRODUCT DATA SHEET. USES Full surface bonding of wood floor types: Engineered wood SikaBond®-T55 is a one-component, low-VOC, permanently elastic, crack bridging, super strong polyurethane adhesive for full surface bonding of wood flooring. (en), PDF - 510 KB Product Details. endstream ALL-IN-ONE WOOD FLOORING URETHANE ADHESIVE, UNLIMITED MOISTURE VAPOR AND SOUND REDUCTION MEMBRANE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. SikaBond®-105 ContactFix has a very broad adhesion range and gives a strong and lasting bond. AnchorFix®-2. Interior grab adhesive. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Shore A Hardness 35-40 (after 28 days) Tensile Strength ~ 1.5 N/mm2 Secant Tensile Modulus ~ 0.6 N/mm2 (23°C ISO8339) Elongation at Break ~ 700% (+23°C ISO37) Elastic Recovery > 70% (23°C ISO 7389) Chemical Resistance Resistant to water, seawater, diluted … AnchorFix®-2. How-To Guide. <>stream Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 628 KB (en) Sikaflex-553 (A) Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 622 KB (en) Sikaflex® 11 FC SDS. (en), PDF - 114 KB View All Sealants. Safety Data Sheet. SAFETY DATA SHEET Sikabond ® T55J SDS Number: 000000601639 Revision Date: 10.01.2018 Version 1.0 6 / 8 SECTION 10. TROWEL GRADE POLYURETHANE ELASTIC ADHESIVE FOR WOOD FLOORING. (en), PDF - 472 KB Sika. �I��}KThXmT����=HDB�KI$�S������^]���p�?c3��%��L:ō͇AGǿ�â��b�5� /h�?uX�1?�[A�ڡ��'~-�����y�� USES. SikaGrout® High Performance Grout. Related Questions. E�AO��!�m���ڃ��V�:����j6��1۷6ȉ���˝2@��XT֕��MAI�T���-��W��� x�Pݷ @�"���ׁ~���Cޤ�,�S���S5A�`��a�7K� �����JC������rՌ�Vb�O7�t���X4�!��צo'" `�wʺ��p�+�1���^b�c�i����BY0�u��f��'��'[���z8 AH���ߩ!��g�X��ȹ��o�"f0�;׽�I��K. Safety Data Sheet . Sika® PostFix® Fence Post Mix. Adhesive Sikaflex®-1a Required Primer Sikaflex®-15LM Required Primer Sikaflex… Related Questions. PRODUCT DATA SHEET Sikaflex® TS Plus October 2019, Version 02.01 020515010000000001 PRODUCT DATA SHEET Sikaflex® TS Plus POLYURETHANE ELASTIC TANK AND SILO SEALANT DESCRIPTION Sikaflex® TS Plus is a polyurethane, 1-part , moisture curing, elastic sealant. PRODUCT DATA SHEET. SikaBond® Hardscape Adhesive ... Sikaflex®+ Mortar Fix. (en), PDF - 164 KB (en), PDF - 508 KB endobj Technical Data Sheet Edition 30 November 2011 SikaBond®-T55 (J) Page 2 of 2 Sika Australia Pty Limited ABN 12 001 342 329 Tel: 1300 22 33 48 ion Cleaning Uncured SikaBond-T55 (J) can be removed from tools and equipment using Sika Colma Cleaner. USES publish. SikaBond® AT Metal 2/4 Technical Data Chemical Base 1 -part Silane Terminated Polymers (PU Hybrid technology, moisture curing) Density 1.35 kg/l approx. Տ���䈠}Hk���L�U&�N��z9(�:� ��*`��8�h����-NiO4!8D�cd/M��x��rM��d.�#e�3�*���g?�뚦BJ�� �!�d�z�$��*��Ph�h�1}>�i���U�t���h Product Data Sheet Sikaflex® EBT+ March 2018, Version 01.01 020513010000000024 1 / 3. Safety Data Sheet. System Data Sheet (SysDS) PDF - 280 KB ... Low Emission Certificate - Sikaflex®-2C NS EZ Mix Limestone. Product Data Sheet Edition 25/06/2012 Identification no: 01 05 02 01 200 0000005 ... For detailed application instructions refer to the Product Data Sheet for the SikaBond ® Dispenser-1800 / -5400, or contact our Technical Department. PRODUCT DATA SHEET Edition 04.2019/v1 CSC Master Format TM 07 92 13 ELASTOMERIC JOINT SEALANTS ó s î î ì. Safety Data Sheet. phone +1 (201) 933-8800 PRODUCT DATA SHEET Sikaflex®-11 FC+ ELASTIC JOINT SEALANT AND MULTIPURPOSE ADHESIVE FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR APPLICA-TIONS PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Sikaflex®-11 FC+ is a 1-component, high performance dual purpose adhesive and sealing compound of per-manent elasticity. (en), PDF - 265 KB Product Data Sheet. 250 ml bottle, 6 bottles per box . (en), PDF - 538 KB Provides a waterproof seal with good mechanical properties, is resistant to liquid ma- �)����X2�=EsH%��x���#��Nudk�t�� b��m��c{-����աF*@��S��̾4��� ���1�;���4��� {����Y@���/h�ݤ ���f.,��P`0��;���lY�R-}Ke�k�0��v%+�. Sika. arrow_backward arrow_forward. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 472 KB (en) Sika Level-225. <>/XObject<>>>/TrimBox[0 0 595.28 841.89]/Type/Page>> AnchorFix®-2. Sikaflex® PRO-3 SL is designed for horizontal applications in movement and connection joints in floors, pedestrian and traffic areas (e.g. It has excellent adhesion on all cement-based materials, brick, ceramics, glass, metals, and wood. (en), PDF - 534 KB Product Data Sheet (PDS) PDF - 279 KB (en) Aqua Blok® Epoxy Prime 2K Product Data Sheet (PDS) PDF - 275 KB (en) <>stream Chemical stability : The product is chemically stable. Product Data Sheet Edition 05/08/2014 Identification no: 02 05 01 01 015 0 000005 SikaBond® AT Universal ® 1/4 ruction SikaBond AT Universal SikaBond® AT Universal Multipurpose adhesive for elastic bonding Product Description / Uses SikaBond ® AT Universal is a one part, solvent-free, elastic adhesive with a very good adhesion on non-porous and porous substrates … Related Products. J�$�-n��U���NB��YÈ��Bz�\����K��c .b�Z�I��au�F��:q�/�c9�~(�,B�z�h_�����w�A���,��'�s{���=�|�‚û��#����;Eq�����S�d�)s�.������m(5xQd�/�4����N�Obm������¡�KF-@���,c3/fm�MW�m7�Bc��[�? United States of America Sikaflex®+ Self-Leveling Sealant. %���� Suitable substrates are timber, rubber sheets, plastic laminates, fabric, cloth backed and polyester backed vinyl, MDF, particleboard, concrete, glass and metal sheets. Very low emissions. @�(5B٫P�L��dnn� Ti��\S��v� (ISO 1183-1) Skinning Time 30 minutes approx.1 Curing Rate 3 mm / 24h approx.1 Sag Flow 0 mm , very good (ISO 7390) Service Temperature -40°C to +90°C Lap Shear Strength 1.15 N/mm2 approx.1; 1 mm adhesive thickness (DIN 52 283) Is SikaBond Hardscape Adhesive waterproof and flexible? ݏ�ic���48.s���29��� @�ng�1����p��e�Q�'~�:��'��J���n+:��J��O_���3��߾���|A�A����k�[�9�r������oE���ݳqMy�M��vC�3]|t֍��Du:���FEH����KP� ��� �����Z'5��\�(� 6����E��G��`c��a{68�`�� �&T���)�M�F�"��5\8�/W�M���H����T�O? (en), PDF - 492 KB Product Data Sheet. Sika. publish. SikaBond®-T25 is a one-component, low-VOC, low odor, moisture cured polyurethane adhesive for full surface bonding of wood flooring. Technical Data (Typical) SikaBond®-T21. fax +1 (201) 804 1076, PDF - 385 KB Sika. Sikaflex® PRO-3 is a 1-part, polyurethane, tough, coloured, elastic joint sealant for sealing many types of joint configurations in floors and civil engineering structures. How-To Guide. Product Details. Product Details. Sika Document Downloads. Related Questions. publish. Safety Data Sheet. endstream SikaBond®-T55. Good elasticity. ]c�oN;=̬ �f���P۲r��� D��F���{�w�XLs��"&ӑ��X�,�18#�_*��/���vĶ� 9 0 obj SikaBond®-115 Strong Fix is a 1-part construction adhesive with high final strength which bonds most construction material substrates. Low Emission Testing Certificates PDF - 233 KB (en) Low Emission Certificate - Sikafloor® Duroplast® EE. Product Details. 2/3 Sikaflex® Primers (429, 449, 260) CSC Master FormatTM 07 92 13 ELASTOMERIC JOINT SEALANTS RECOMMENDATIONS - PRIMERS AND SEALANTS Construction substrate Surface Preparation SikaBond® Constr. (en), PDF - 195 KB Sika. publish. Elastic, footfall-sound dampening properties. View All Sealants. Adhesive can be sanded. Product Details. AnchorFix®-1. Sika is recognized as the worldwide technology leader in 1C polyurethane sealants and adhesives (Sikaflex®, SikaTack® and SikaBond®), and develops innovative new technologies such as i-Cure® or PowerCure®, but also Curing-by-Design® and Sika Powerflex® for our 2C polyurethane products SikaForce®. SikaBond® T-55 J is a 1-component, elastic wood flooring adhesive with good workability. Sika. Cured material can only be removed mechanically. Easy to clean. Product Details. SikaBond® Construction Adhesive is a one-component, durable and flexible exterior polyurethane adhesive/sealant. Suitable for use with underfloor heating. <>stream AnchorFix®-1. This is where you can access all documents types from all Sika markets. How-To Guide. 4 0 obj Rapid build-up of strength. concrete) and metals. Product Details. TROWEL-APPLIED, POLYURETHANE, WOOD FLOORING ADHESIVE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. Sikacrete® Self Consolidating Concrete. Specialty. ���h���N�/�$������X���x� %PDF-1.7 Sika. SikaBond®-T25. publish. Product Data Sheet SikaBond®-T25 March 2020, Version 01.04 020512010000000045. Product Details. ����%C����ɬ�W�q��ܧ��u�����a�?$��W�s2Ȅ�b� 4t>gG�Q8�jm�yN�-�k���]S�NX��`&��-4 ��*k2�y�w[O��n�T��r���&� �^�,kc����\1��/EǻW�0��?.�o��g�{W(�f&��d�z�>���n`��K�eV*���>�΋��ڻQ�y")C���Q���W�ʥ��.�wRυ���X�d8�X��� Floor can be walked on / sanded after 12 / 24 hours. h��J'U����(ȜHa:(�/����� Product Details. Product Details. View All Adhesives. 8����GbK�9sYs�4*Έ����� ^Ńkw��[��� (en), PDF - 547 KB 201 Polito Avenue Welcome to the Sika Limited Download section. Product Details. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Reactivity : No dangerous reaction known under conditions of normal use. publish. ��t7�X-��\�R�>Γek����_��k�\��v���Y������Dl����N�B�y�"�a�G�Z����j;(�jax;�����wsjఀ�̦� ����F��Z)^��,��B�2�PEN��rb���"�/��������8�s��0��=���_ Easy to apply; Water repellent; Short flash-off time; Packaging. How to apply Sikaflex 11FC+ as a sealant VS as an adhesive, uses and characteristics. USES PRODUCT DATA SHEET. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 114 KB (en) Hybriflex SMP Rev 2 Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 165 KB (en) Product Details. How-To Guide. Sika. SikaBond®-54 Parquet is a 1-component, solvent-free, wood flooring adhesive with very good workability. y�aP=매o�/��#�YDV�;��9��|�e&N��5�d endobj PREMIUM, ELASTIC, LOW VISCOUS WOOD FLOORING ADHESIVE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. It provides a waterproof seal with good mechanical properties, is resistant to chemicals and remains elastic over a wide range of temperatures. Possibility of hazardous reac-tions : Stable under recommended storage conditions. SikaBond T-2 is a high viscous one part, ready to use, solvent free, elastic adhesive used as a high strength construction adhesive, which is particularly suited for the bonding of solid wooden boards with a maximum width of 160mm. ,��̾�,]x���D�u�>{aݱ��~��w���.��A(fg�M��lQ �w���\Bt:c$�orzKV|����A����ͺn��[�aD�BD� �М��}��Q�U�f�BNߴ�Z-�(�~������'�d}in�z��׿���;�9��h��W�o (en), Sikalastic 726 Balcony One Shot Animation. publish. b��T�}�j Backer Rod. Product Details. 1 l bottle, 4 bottles per box. (en), PDF - 503 KB endobj Related Products. )��yb�])(B���d��|L�D���%9�4�jBe.���;�NBj_ra;/�|�F�ŵ*8�-�\���C �ʱ��آ+.�I_�2^\���t���j�0b�����3`q���oَ�fyvx��kK��������k�f6�T�f�t���`?� SikaBond®-54 Parquet. Product Details. Product Details. AnchorFix®-2. How-To Guide. In the production of transport vehicles SikaBond®-105 ContactFix is suitable for the room temperature contact bonding of different … publish. Sika . TECHNICAL DATA SHEET. PRODUCT DATA SHEET SikaBond®-151 ELASTIC WOOD FLOOR ADHESIVE DESCRIPTION SikaBond®-151 is a 1-part wood floor adhesive for all types of wood flooring and suitable for most common types of floor substrates. Product Details. Use the filters below to select the appropiate Sika product market, and type of document. Specialty. Sikaflex®+ Self-Leveling Sealant. Lyndhurst New Jersey 07071 parking decks, car parks), warehouses and production areas, applications in the food industry, ceramic tiles such as in public … Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 533 KB (en) Sika Level-315. (en), PDF - 490 KB (en), PDF - 549 KB Is SikaBond Hardscape Adhesive waterproof and flexible? These products offer unique performances well serving the megatrends in the industries … Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 161 KB (en) Loading... Load … ���fǚY�H �Q�Mh�����X����}]ϡ�����J�dz��Q�-�ja�5����M� D�Eb�h =��! publish. Product Data Sheet. How-To Guide. SikaBond® TF Plus N. Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF - 782 KB (en) SikaHyflex®-600. It has excellent adhesion on all cement-based materials, brick, ceramics, glass, metals, and wood. Advantages. It is based on a special moisture cured polyurethane with an accelerated curing time. Backer Rod. PRODUCT DATA SHEET. SikaBond® AT Universal ... Sikaflex® EBT+ is a multi purpose, one part, elastic, polyurethane adhesive and sealant. publish.

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