British singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and author, born 19 May 1945 in Chiswick, London, England, UK. [CDATA[ . Ca. However, there is no mention of its Woodstock provenance in those auction lot listings. In the early '70s, Townshend was almost always seen on stage with a late-Sixties Gibson SG Standard and massive stacks of Hiwatt amps, but in the studio during this period he rarely used either. They’re made out of really light wood, it’s a light guitar. One of the earliest known uses of a Gibson SG Special (this one with Vibrola intact); pedal is Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face; amplifiers are Sound City. (Clint also owned a 1972 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, sold via Christie’s in May 2005.) One of the earliest uses of the Gibson SG Special. // ]]> -->. For more photos and information, see WhiteFang’s Who Site. Click to view larger version. 1969 or 1970, in IBC studios with SG Special. Full black pickguard (1966–1970 models) or small black pickguard (1962–1965 models), white binding. The neck is slender and tapered and is a fast and a joy to play. [CDATA[ 1969 Gibson SG Special serial no. Per our listing in smashed guitars, the “Woodstock” guitar wasn’t actually smashed; rather, it was tossed into the audience and reportedly retrieved (or strong-armed) by a roadie for subsequent use. 1971, custom-made Gibson SG Special, natural color, featuring stop tailpiece and Gibson Tune-o-Matic bridge. Non-Whotabs links are provided for informational purposes only and are not controlled or monitored by Whotabs. This guitar body was retrieved and kept by myself after one of the gigs from this tour.”. Bound dot inlay neck with rosewood fingerboard. When you’re using a lighter G — I’ve never used light gauge strings. Visit Clint’s band: Beaver. Ca. Visita eBay per trovare una vasta selezione di pete townshend sg guitar. Ca. document.write('Photo: Graham Lowe/Redferns'); [CDATA[ It appears from his letter that Townshend gave this guitar to Haslam in gratitude for the help he gave him in facing up to his problem with alcohol addiction in the early 1980s. , Auction news (June 2014): Gibson SG Special guitar, sn 884484, realises £37,500 (US$ 60,248) via Bonhams. In guitar smashing days, the Fender would last two or three shows and ten minutes if I wanted to smash it up. [CDATA[ I nodded. Nickel or Chrome-plated hardware. He is best known for his more than 50 year association with the rock band The Who, as co-founder & leader, principal songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. [CDATA[ Four iconic guitars feature from Brad Rodgers at — the largest single-owner collection of The Who memorabilia to ever appear at auction — two previously owned by Pete Townshend, and two by John Entwistle [...] An earlier example, synonymous with Pete Townshend, is a 1970 vintage Gibson SG. Effects pedal is Univox Super-Fuzz. I think that’s what I’ll probably end up using, either that or I quite like those Dan Armstrong pickups. Pete Townshend's Gibson Sg Speciale Auguri Scheda, DL Misura. [CDATA[ 10 Dec., 1968, the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus rehearsals, with early use of Gibson SG Special. document.write('Photo: Jeffrey Mayer'); 29 Oct. 1973, at Wolverhamton, UK, with two Polaris White Gibson SG Specials sitting stage-side. February–March 1969, recording sessions for Tommy, with Pete playing a 1968 Gibson SG Special. It will be shown at a Hard Rock Cafe in London next month (Jul09) along with other artifacts from Woodstock, including Jimi Hendrix’s vest, a jacket worn by Joe Cocker, a festival poster, and souvenir T-shirt. Click to view larger version. Sotheby’s September 1997 auction of Pete’s 1969 Gibson SG Special (serial no. // ]]> -->. See story on (archived). [CDATA[ The new Gibson Pete Townshend Gold Top ’76 Les Paul is a recreation of his iconic guitar from that late ’70s period. Top amp (chrome faceplate) is customized Sound City with Hiwatt nameplate; bottom two amps (black faceplate) are Hiwatt CP103 amplifiers, with “The Who” faceplate. Scopri le migliori offerte, subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza. Gibson specs went through numerous changes from 1960 to 1970, in helping to identify which models Pete used: Consult Gibson Vintage Guitars Info for further details. Pete Townshend’s Gibson SG Special, serial no. document.write('Photo: Doug Hartley/PhotoFlashbacks, courtesy'); For more photos and information, see WhiteFang’s Who Site. In the late 1970s, the vendor obtained this guitar from a former employee of The Who who was learning to play, and to whom Townshend had given the guitar in the mid-1970s. Photos courtesy and ©Clint Nurse. March 1973, Polaris White Gibson SG Special (pre-1966 model), with two P-90 pickups, small black pickguard. The guitar sold in a subsequent auction in Sept. 1998 for £5,750. The Definitive Online Tablature and Gear Resource for The Who since 1997. // ]]> -->. Dalla fine degli anni '60 agli anni '70, Pete Townshend di The Who ha fatto suo lo SG Special e ha stabilito nuovi standard per la potenza e l'energia rock nel processo. This information, along with all other content included in Whotabs, is intended for private study, scholarship or research. I hate that guitar sound where people sound like they can bend the string just by kind of thinking about it. Courtesy Photo © Christie’s 1967 Gibson SG Special. document.write('Photo: N. Zlozower'); Whotabs is not affiliated with The Who, its record company or management. Click to view larger version 9 Sept. 1972, Paris, closeup of a Gold Top Les Paul Deluxe, left, and last known use of a cherry Gibson SG Special, right, at stageside. [CDATA[ It was estimated at £20,000 – £30,000 ($39,440 – $59,160). document.write('See Huffington Post from June 2010, for the full story.'); Per celebrare il Golden Anniversary dello strumento dietro le esibizioni e le registrazioni di Live at Leeds-era, Gibson USA pubblica il 50 ° anniversario di Pete Townshend SG. Broken headstock replaced. 1971, with 1961 or 1962 Gibson SG Special, featuring small black pickguard. I never had any difficulty smashing SGs, they were like balsa wood. Tony Haslam is selling this guitar to cover medical expenses for himself and for another former Who crew member, Mike Shaw, who was injured in a car crash whilst working for the band in 1965. Bound dot inlay neck with rosewood fingerboard. “We have recently been involved with a unique piece of rock history, namely a 1964 Gibson SG Special that was owned, used, smashed AND repaired by Pete Townshend of THE WHO. I’ve always used heavy strings — you can do that. Pete Townshend regularly stated that the Gibson SG was his guitar of preference. He did, however, occasionally use pre-1966 models, which feature the small pickguard, especially in 1971 as the available supply began to dry up. 917512). Pete Townshend's classic WHO sound chain RECREATED! One of the earliest uses of the Gibson SG Special. This guitar may be the same as Pete played in December 1968 for the Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus. A 1964 Gibson SG Special, broken and repaired, courtesy of Richard Henry Guitars. No electrical parts are present except a single wire poking out from the hole where the lower pickup would have been. Back in the '60s, each of these legendary guitarists played a Gibson SG Special with P-90 pickups—and made music history in the process. Guitar possibly has a Tune-O-Matic bridge/tailpiece, and therefore is possibly one of the custom-made SG Specials. Full black pickguard (1966–1970 models) or small black pickguard (1962–1965 models), white binding. The guitar sold in a subsequent auction in Sept. 1998 for £5,750. For amps, both Pete and John are using unlabeled customized Sound City L100 amplifier heads each driving one Sound City 4×12. , 14 Feb. 1970 – Leeds University. He wrote “Pinball Wizard” on his J-200, which starred on The Who’s Tommy album. 561569, from the collection of David Swartz. The roadie was about halfway to the wings when Townshend stalked over and stomped on the guitar, instantly snapping the head off the neck and vehemently shook his head NO! Pete Townshend has regularly stated that the Gibson SG was his guitar of preference, and this model was his main stage guitar until the early 1970s when the model specifications changed. Pete Townshend has very kindly donated a white Gibson SG guitar signed by himself to a charity auction in aid of St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group’s Mobile Outreach Programme. // ]]> -->, Click to view larger version. On display through October 2019 at the Play It Loud Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. I can’t stand light strings, you don’t have to struggle for it. document.write('Photo: Baron Wolman'); Gibson specs went through numerous changes from 1960 to 1970, in helping to identify which models Pete used: Consult Gibson Vintage Guitars Info for further details. 11 Dec., 1968, the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, with Gibson SG Special. 1971, with 1961 or 1962 Gibson SG Special, featuring small black pickguard. Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend, detto Pete (Londra, 19 maggio 1945), è un chitarrista, compositore e cantante britannico, noto principalmente per essere il leader e … [CDATA[ With exaggerated care, he wrapped the strap around the body, walked to the edge of the stage, looked straight at me again, and with a shrug of his shoulders, and a quick nod, asked me with his body language if I was ready. I like those. document.write('Photo: Michael Brooks'); What do Pete Townshend, Carlos Santana, and Tony Iommi all have in common? [CDATA[ document.write('Photo: Ray Stevenson'); Courtesy WhiteFang’s Who Site. The guitar glided in, face first, and I literally caught it by its two SG horns.”, . Ca. My favorite guitar now for the stage is the Les Paul Deluxe with the small epiphone pickups that you can buy on the shelf for $50.00. Pete Townshend and Gibson J-200s A Gibson J-200 was the defining acoustic sound of The Who when Pete Townshend stretched out as a composer. Photo courtesy SoundCityChris. The splintered Gibson SG Special was wrecked onstage by the rocker during The Who’s set at the notorious 1969 festival in New York. (Photo: Rick Giles)  , . And I was into Jimi Hendrix, it was a fuzz box number. // ]]> -->, 17 Aug., 1968, at Phoenix, Arizona. Amplifier is Sound City L100 into two Hiwatt SE4122 4×12 cabinets. Effects pedal is Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face.Photo: Baron Wolman, 13–15 Aug. 1968, at the Fillmore West, San Francisco. Ca. 15 Feb. 1970, Hull City Hall, stage setup of Pete’s rig, one CP103 amp and two customised Hiwatt DR103 amps. [CDATA[