The serum of the ox, a species susceptible to anthrax, is more agglutinative (1:120) than that of the refractory dog (1:100). Could any dairyman survive such a loss? It is a highly biased list. This might be due to fright, or heat in summer. In February 1866, he again took up the poor silk worms’ troubles and had the assistance this time of several able French scientists, yet they made very little progress on the problem. IMMUNITY IN ANIMALS VACCINATED WITH B.C.G. At least so it is whispered now by veteran microbe hunters who were there and remember those brave times. with the terrain theory, if he does develop measles for instance. On further experiments, with the rigid exclusion of all air (the whole healthy grapes, with stalks attached, being introduced directly from the vine into boiled sweetened water, cooled with carbonic acid gas bubbling through it), fermentation took place, and was completed in this medium, proving that air was not required. I know I wrote a lot and may take some time to reply to all this, so it would be great if you could let me know if you read this and how long it’ll take for a complete reply to follow. He described what he saw, and in his drawings showed both rod-like and spiral form, both of which he said had motility. BIOLOGICALS MAY DISSOLVE THE RED BLOOD CORPUSCLES. He opened and resealed various phials at different places, the last twenty on the Mer de Glace above Chamonix. The German New Medicine (GNM) is based on tracing the impact of a sudden psychic shock that doesn’t get resolved, leaving an imprint on a part of the brain that corresponds with a specific organ. In 1888 an institute in Odessa, Russia, sent some anti-anthrax vaccines to Kachowka in southern Russia, where 4,564 sheep were soon vaccinated, and 3,696 of them promptly turned up their toes and died; a death rate of 81 percent, and from a supposed ‘preventative’ vaccine at that! This in turn will release more nitrogen and sulphur to continue the process ad infinitum. Drs Cohnheim and Frankel, to establish whether artificial tubercle owe its origin to a specific virus, introduced into the peritonaeal cavities of guinea pigs portions of various tumours (carcinoma, sarcoma, condyloma, etc.) From other places came sinister stories of how the vaccines had failed to work – the vaccine had been paid for, whole flocks of sheep had been injected, the farmers had gone to bed breathing ‘Thank God for our great man Pasteur’, only to wake up in the morning to find their fields littered with the carcasses of dead sheep, and these sheep – which ought to have been immune – had died from the lurking anthrax spores that lay in their fields. Furthermore, all of those vaccinated would still be too young for the full effects of any injurious biologicals to become fully developed by 1910, hence Italy’s inclusion in the unvaccinated column. And here de Kruif changes the subject very abruptly! Are we in danger of another such epidemic? Dr M. R. Leverson says in the preface to his translation of The Third Element of the Blood that Bechamp isolated a series of soluble ferments which he called zymases, but which plagiarists renamed diastases to obscure his discoveries. The Germ Theory is the belief that germs are the primal cause of disease. Consequently, many serums would not remain constant through 61 tests, nor would anyone who sells serums to the public be likely to make 62 tests before telling their customers that it was pure serum! This was probably a true mutation but was not so recognized, the authors apparently believing it due to an impurity getting into their cultures. He published several papers on the vines and their troubles in the latter part of 1863 and in 1864, but apparently was still riding his spontaneous generation theory which Bechamp had so completely exploded in 1858, and he did not guess correctly as to the cause of the trouble with the vines. Follow Vexman's Thoughts on, History and Science Show Vaccines Do Not Prevent Disease,,, What is wrong with the Germ Theory? According to Harrison, the first compound microscope was made by H. Jansen in 1590 in Holland, but it was not until about 1683 that anything was built of sufficient power to show up bacteria. All interesting above, if unedited and repetitive (wastes time), but where is the meat? Organisms which cause disease, called seminaria contagionum, he supposed to be of the nature of viscous or glutinous matter, similar to the colloidal states of substances described by modern physical chemists. What diseases are current vaccines causing? Their action should be similar, and not counteractant to each other, as is indicated in Chapter Two. Strange to say, exactly the same word is used by others whom various encyclopaedias have credited with this discovery in 1897, over 30 years later! “The most carefully studied case of the relations between natural immunity and agglutination is of that encountered in the anthrax bacillus. This experiment began in June 1875 and continued to August 1882 – over seven years. However, de Kruif doubted thoroughly that it was Pasteur’s, and well he might! Can we get sick from those who have polio even though we are not eating the disease? And after Bechamp’s papers proved it! The term ‘medical establishment’ refers to all of the people, organisations, industries, and academic and research institutions that practise, research, teach, promote and otherwise support the system of … I will try to answer some more of your questions in next reply. Even after it is ‘tested’ it may change in storage, and how do they know when they have the right germ in the serum anyway, as the best authorities admit that some germs, such as the smallpox germ, have not been isolated? Reducing the total protein eaten would accomplish this in a large measure. It seems that a child should be able to understand it. The modern paradigm of medicine is mostly based on the germ theory of microbes invading our bodies and causing disease, allegedly a process that creates the need for a war against microbes to eliminate them all and conquer all diseases. Unless you want to talk to yourself, that is. Bill Gates, LUCIFERase & The QUANTUM Dot Tattoo EXPOSED!

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