When I took a fun picture in the elevator with my Bridesmaids, Christine seemed to disappear like an elevator ninja in an amazingly sweet effort to not interfere. We were immediately met by our wonderful, attentive bridal attendant Martha as soon as we stepped out of our car. From the landscape to the decor to the glamorous ballroom & bridal suite, everything about ... Nanina’s In the Park is where my husband and I always dreamed of getting married. (he kisses all his brides ) I felt right at home. The entree selection and quality was also amazing. We booked with Vinnie and I keep saying that booking with him at Nanina’s was the best decision we ever made. They had no problem pinning it up for me and it looked awesome. We go into the cocktail hour which is poorly set up mind you and they failed to mention to anyone that there was food on both the top floor and bottom. I don't even know where to begin! When we arrived the day of our wedding, I was greeted by Martha, the bridal attendant, she was so sweet and bustled my dress so my bridesmaid didn't have to leave the cocktail hour. She is phenomenal!! The grounds and the interior of Nanina’s are beautiful and it didn’t even phase us when the rain resulted in a change of plans for our ceremony. Marta and Cyrus were so helpful through the course of the night. We were beyond pleased with Vicky, the entire staff, the booking process, and everything that went on throughout the course of the evening. Love Shawn and Melissa Denning 9.13.14. it up for just the two of us in the bridal sweet , asked all our favorite things and brought them up with a whole bunch of extras. I didn’t even get married at this venue but it was bad enough for me to go out of my way and say something. Thank you Naninas you are the best and I could never have Vicky and her staff that night really blew me away. We also provide you with access to our many partners and vendors which will make your day complete. er engagement ring, but the staff was on top of it and made sure that the bride didn't have to worry about it. So when I got engaged I went right there and booked it! From the moment you step on our luxurious grounds of Nanina’s in the park, you will be swept away with beauty and grandeur at every turn. Nanina’s in the Park is gorgeous and hosts a breathtaking bridal suite. VICKI IS THE BEST!! The Wedding of ... Kaitlin McCabe & Paul Harrington. They really make you feel like family when you’re in there. She really pulled everything together. ), delicious food and drinks, gorgeous setting and AMAZING staff. We worked with Rich and I will honestly say he was one of the reasons that my wedding was so great. The threat of rainstorms was haunting us all week and sure enough it was pouring when we woke up. It is this combination of location, service, and ambiance that makes us one of the best wedding venues in New Jersey. Nanina's truly gives you everything you could ever dream of and more and WILL make your wedding day feel nothing short of a fairy tale. Long story short, Vinny was welcoming, receptive to our needs, and went above and beyond for us, making it difficult to want any other venue than Nanina's. If I could I would give them 10stars! When we got there, the table was filled with an assortment of food from the cocktail hour. Words cannot describe what an amazing experience my husband and I had. I actually didn’t ever get a chance to ask Christine for anything because she always seemed to have it waiting for me before I knew I even wanted it. Throughout our months of interactions, Vicky would reply to phone messages within minutes. The venue just took my breathe away & I immediately could envision us on our wedding day. aitre D at Naninas is Vicky and she is awesome!!! very attentive to us and to our families the whole night. When you take a classy couple, like Ashley and Marc, and celebrate them in such a gorgeous place, it truly becomes a dream. All my guests couldn’t get over how much food there was and how amazing it tasted. ed us wonderfully and attended to everything we needed. And it was so beautifully presented and delicious. The cocktail hour is literally the best around. After the ceremony, we came back to Nanina's for the reception. AMAZING!! The venue was recently renovated and it looks even more beautiful than it previously did. Every detail we asked for was perfect. The food!! I would recommend this venue to any couple looking for an unforgettable experience. Vikki was so accommodating and so helpful. The shrimp in the duet were huge. From the food, to the staff, the service and the beautiful grounds, they did not disappoint! She assured we brought everything that we would want displayed or handed out the night of our wedding and took exact direction of where to place items. We thought OK might as well lol.. My fiance' was set on having our wedding at Season's and I wasn't 100% onboard. Vicki met us up in the bridal suite as well and made sure we knew she was there for anything and everything we needed. I highly recommend this venue if you are truly looking for that Romantic, classy, top notch, Elaborately decorated venue! Julian was so great to work with. Although it will take up a good chunk of your budget, I can't say enough that it was worth every single penny. With 50 years of catering tradition and multi-million-dollar renovations, the estate is sure to leave you and your guests in awe. We worked with Vicky and she made sure that we didn't have anything to worry about the day of our wedding. People were talking about the food for days. I was worried all the time, however, they were always positive and I loved that. The staff worked so well with my husband and I. A few days before our big day, we met with the amazing Vicki who would be our head Maître d’ for the evening of our event. There is no other venue that can top what Nanina's can do; & 2. The food is abundant and amazing. Relatives and friends have blown up all forms or social media and my phone raving about the event. Cocktail hour was the finest I have ever seen in terms of service, variety of hot and cold dishes (including a raw bar) and the reaction from the many guests in attendance. We loved everything about our wedding reception and we did not want the night to end! My wedding was completely amazing from beginning to end. It literally felt like we have been there before. During the time leading up to our June wedding, we were helped immensely by Tom, who offered recommendations for vendors and was always responsive to our questions and concerns. The only thing I thought was a little unprofessional was that everyone we spoke to there (Rich, Julian, Peter, etc) kept calling the maitre’d tip a “maitre’d fee”, and calculated out what you should tip them before services were even given. Marta, my bridal attendant was just wonderful. Our maitre'd, Vicki, was able to keep my husband and I on task with the schedule of the night and provided us with everything we needed, before we even had to ask! Overall all I can say is … I cannot wait for the day to go back to Nanina’s for a wedding, not as the bride so I can truly take in the beauty and astonishment that Nanina’s offers for their weddings. This elegant venue offers a magical, Tuscan Villa style for a picturesque backdrop. I had people coming up to me all night raving about the cocktail hour food, their dinner and the Viennese hour. thank you so soo much! and I had the most attentive, phenomenal bridal attendant (Yoselin) and maitre'd (Cyrus). And seriously, the food is the best thing ever there! There is also a beautiful garden area. I cannot say enough good things about this place!! Changing my shoes, fixing my dress, fixing my head piece, and so on. Being there were so many people, i thought it was nice to have a quiet moment with him. Our guests were treated with such courtesy and respect, and so were we. My advice to every bride in the future: 1. While we were there, we saw the finished ballroom and were blown away at how beautiful it looked. Our guests are still calling to tell us that our wedding was the best they had been to, hands down ! The best decision Matt and I ever made so far was choosing Nanina's In The Park for our wedding venue. A great thing about Nanina's is their willingness to personalize your special day. Grateful for a beautiful wedding at this venue . Nanina’s in the Park is a landmark NJ wedding venue on the edge of historic Branch Brook Park; of course, the park is known for its beautiful grounds and the largest variety of cherry trees in the world. This gave us a moment of privacy to reflect on the big day. Our bridal attendant Yoselyn was waiting for us outside and took me to the bridal suite and ... We had my son’s wedding at Nanina’s on 6/17/2016. The place was decorated exactly as we requested. Inside the extravagant villa, high ceilings held by grand pillars and fireplaces inspired by neoclassical architecture create a sense of refined majesty. I am so happy we got married on our original date! Our famous cherry gardens and Tuscan style villa will create the perfect backdrop which you must see-to-believe, and together with our exceptional cuisine and service will make your event unforgettable. While constructing the park, the Olmsted Brothers embellished the narrow stream valley with vibrant cherry trees. “Since we are situated in historic Branch Brook Park, which was designed by the famous Olmstead brothers who also designed Central Park in New York City, a lot of weddings will incorporate Nanina's outdoor area during their cocktail hour. Lastly, Cyrus was our Maitre'D, he was amazing! out anything and they definitely made the day all about us! From the moment we arrived, service was exceptional. Words cannot describe how perfect Nanina's in the Park is. Wish you all the best with the new ballroom! June was a perfect time to have a wedding here, since the gardens were absolutely exquisite. Everyone was so friendly, you could tell immediately that if you had a wedding with them the service would be impeccable. It was truly an unforgettable day! The food, the staff, and of course the venue itself was the best in the business. We came back, signed paper work with Peter and gave a deposit. Enjoyed every minute of it. My bridal attendant was AWESOME! We had an outdoor ceremony before the reception and the Maitre' Ds were very diligent through the rehearsal to help us prepare for the day after. Thank you all for making this the best day of my life! The vienesse hour, was something that I really wanted and at Nanina's it came with the package. I mean she made me laugh and basically took great care of me. I hope you enjoyed this recap of this gorgeous NJ wedding! Nanina's In The Park is absolutely beautiful! We had gone to tastings and events to help us choose other vendors at the venue and every time we were there, we got the royal treatment. We just had our wedding March 4th and boy was that and still is the talk of the weekend and week. If quality food is on the top of your “venue must haves list” then look no further. There were so many things that each of them did throughout the night to make sure there wasn’t one thing for us to worry about, even things as little as putting my flats under the table I was sitting at so that I could quickly change and not miss a beat during the reception. ately clean, and most people were lovely to work with. I just had my wedding reception at Nanina’s last night and I can’t even put into words how amazing everything was. as dreamt of my wedding day for the last 20 years, I had a momentary lapse in judgement in which I had venue cold feet. Thank you all for such an amazing experience that we will remember always. od!! Nothing fancy about it, just placed in the corner and the bartenders were super slow paced. All it is is a push of a button. Thank you Nanina’s for ensuring our day was perfect! Choose to have your wedding at the best reception hall in New Jersey, Nanina’s in the Park. From the order in which we walked into the ceremony to the entrance to the reception, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss...she did it all!! About Us Nanina’s In the Park is a New Jersey landmark nestled among cherry blossoms. One of our pictures for the memory table was misplaced and Cyrus made sure to get it reprinted for us on photo paper and have it framed before the cocktail guests arrived. They made our day perfect and we are so happy we chose Naninas in the Park! Syrus, Julian and their team worked so unbelievably hard to make sure every part of our night was smooth and effortless. We wanted a romantic, unique, fall wedding with amazing food and Nanina's definitely delivered. The menu changes to best suit what you and your guests are looking for. I am late to writing this but better late then never! About a month before our big day, we came in to meet with Tom to go over all of our final decisions. Before we could even ask for something, Vicky and/or Marta was already there to help – it was as if they read our minds. The ceremony then starts and the entire sound system was crackling and screaming so everyone was paying attention to that over the actual wedding.... I don't know what I would've done without her. Naninas's nailed it with their phenomenal service. As the bri... Nanina's was AMAZING! They made sure everything you envisioned for your special day was taken care of. We wanted to leave an impression on our friends and family, and I think we accomplished it! All my guests felt like royalty with the service they were treated to! Thank you, Nanina's! The experience we had was absolutely over the moon! Every time I turned around, she was there with exactly what I needed! this venue was absolutely perfect. From our first visit with Julian we were immediately treated like family members, he patiently answered all of our questions and never pressured us. We had so much fun with her that we even wanted her to come out on the dance floor!! What they were verbally referring to it as (“fee”) was different than what it was written as in the contract (“tip”), which made you feel like you were required to pay the amount that they calculated. It is so bright and elegant. Julian took over and was an absolute pleasure to work with. My husband and I wouldn't change a thing. OMG!!!!!!!!! Martha, our bridal attendant in the ... Everything was magnificent. The food was amazing! He was always so pleasant and happy when speaking with us. Everything was so perfect. Crystal and Cherry Blossom Dreams The grand historical estate, Nanina’s In The Park, is a wedding venue nestled within a woodland forest in Belleville, NJ. You are all so amazing and we appreciate everything you did to make our wedding such a fairytale dream come true day! Cyrus was great at making sure our bridal party knew what to do and when to be where. Not only did he give us a wonderful tour, he even invited us for a food tasting the very next day. ing was Perfect and organized! From the start he went above and beyond and because of that every little detail was perfect and all we’ve heard from our guests is glowing reviews. I wanted to write a review because although we did not book there I would strongly recommend this venue to anyone. w gets it. It does not look like a catering hall like many venues, it feels like the main ballroom of an elegant home. So kind and so helpful and never left my side. I had no idea how to plan a wedding and with the help from Tom Casella one of the managers at Nanina's he made it a piece of cake for me. Cyrus was our Maitre D and was phenomenal. While our guests enjoyed the massive spread at cocktail hour, we had our own gourmet spread away from the masses. our wedding day. We had two AMAZING bridal attendants Yoslin & Rich. Our North Jersey wedding videographer was there to help capture all the moments. A HUGE, special thank you to the staff at Nanina's: Tom, Vicki & Liz. To the day... My husband and I had our wedding at Nanina's on January 6th and the day was perfect. We worked with julian who was very helpful and patient with us along every step of the way. Nanina’s In The Park is pleased to offer an assortment of wedding packages and exceptional experiences to celebrate your exciting day. At our surprise, the price he gave us was not too far off from what Season's had offered us. I cannot wait until I can go back there. Nov 26, 2020 - nanina's in the park wedding photography, nanina's in the park, weddings at nanina's in the park, belleville nj wedding venues, nj wedding venues, ny wedding venues, pa wedding venues, nj wedding, ny wedding, pa wedding, classic nj weddings, romantic nj weddings, timeless nj weddings, luxury nj weddings, nj bride, ny bride, pa bride, light and airy wedding photography. People can’t stop talking about food because it was that fabulous. The food was fabulous! ited every time we had a reason to visit. Leading up to our wedding the staff was ALWAYS such a pleasure to work with. This was so timely as we were just about to make our entrance into the ballroom as a married couple. helped with our finals and Liz at the front desk, everything was absolutely amazing. Feel free to email me at. Trust me and trust them. The combination of the Tuscan Villa and lush outdoor garden will lend your celebration a timeless and picturesque atmosphere. I would pick Nanina's over and over and over again! . The food is amazing! Nanina's is the perfect wedding venue...it's beautiful, the food is plentiful and absolutely delicious, and the staff is accommodating and knows how to make the wedding flow smoothly. Two special shout outs. Vicky is absolutely amazing and our wedding went off without ... Nanina's in the Park is truly magical. I wish I could do it all over again! The food was absolutely ... ABSOLUTLY PERFECT! o truly enjoy themselves and enjoy the food and everything involved. To say I fell in love with Rich, my maitre d, and Martha,my Bridal attendant, would be an understatement- they were incredible. This would be our first big purchase together, so I was freaking a little bit, but felt great afterwards. e services that Nanina's offers to its brides and grooms. They have numerous high quality recommended vendors which made most of our other hiring decisions very easy as well. Now add an elegant bride, and you have an interesting mix for a wedding day! I love that they only have one package, so there's no confusion and everything financial-wise is very cut and dry. I cannot say enough nice things about Nanina's. My son’s groom’s cake was a sight to see. My guests still tell me today that it was the best wedding they have ever attended. My husband was upset that we were going to skip the cocktail hour until we went to the bridal suite and saw the tables full of food! The venue is unbelievably beautiful – just try to find the time to explore it all. The raw bar and cocktail shrimp were as fresh as any we have ever had. She made the day run so seamlessly. The food was out of this world and the grounds are beautiful! After the ceremony our guests we lead inside for a cocktail hour which was most impressive not only for the variety but for the quality of the food. The room looked beautiful. I went to a wedding at this venue back in August and I have to honestly say that I was under impressed. More About Nanina's In The Park. Since there is only one wedding at time, it was ... Naninas truely made my wedding day like a fairytale ! I WAS CRAZY! The dinner dish was good. From our tasting to other events we have attended at Nanina’s, we continually leave stuffed and raving about the selection and taste of the food. We got married there just this July and the day/night was PERFECT. It wasn't their first rodeo, as he put it! They were very efficient and prepared as they even took down direct contact info for our vendors to reach to on the main day since we would be pre-occupied. Nanina's in the Park May 7th, 2019 It had been over a year since we photographed a Naninas in the Park wedding so we were super excited for Amanda and Patrick’s wedding last weekend. Also, the amount they gave us was calculated as 5% of the total cost, but in that total cost was also a service charge for the wait staff, so the maitre’d “fee” (tip) was on top of a pre-existing service charge meant for the wait staff, which I also don’t agree with. Highly recommend for any event you're planning. Martha, our bridal attendant, met our every need. I genuinely loved and appreciated having a moment with my husband immediately after the ceremony finished in the bridal suite with our own cocktail hour set up! I then met Vikki our Maitre D' and she was awesome! I can't think meninas enough for giving me my dream wedding and the most gorgeous wedding pictures. Don't forget to visit our other top wedding venues in New Jersey. So organized, so professional, so beautiful! since we just wanted to pop our heads in and Liz happily showed us the grounds and the bridal sweet. Get Our Wedding Planner App On Your Mobile Device. Our ceremony was inside the ballroom and stunning. The grounds are beautiful, the ballroom is beautiful, but the best part about it is the staff. - Shannon and Josh Gantomasso, ing were amazing too, the bad thing is the communication- for some reason they claimed to not receive any of my messages or my mother in laws- and not just one call or message-numerous, things were not written down by the staff when we booked things like being there at 9am so we could get ready. Even the little things like taking our cell phones and having it waiting for us where we asked. Our wedding was at the end of August and Nanina's In The Park truly made our wedding day a dream. The people are wonderful, the venue is stunning, the food is outrageous, and the Viennese hour felt like heaven. She not only tended to me to make sure I was happy at all times, but she was quick to assist a bridesmaid with her dress. At one of these meetings we were fortunate enough to meet one of the men behind the magic, the head chef, Vincenzo!! The place is gorgeous day or night, summer or winter. Then to top it off we had a NJ Diner after party complete with cigar bar and live music. had not one thing to even complain about if we tried!! They also were late with finishing set up for the dinner space and had us all waiting in the cocktail hour from 6-8!! Lol Our outdoor pictures came out amazing, even without the flowers the grounds were beautiful and well kept. I myself have never seen anything like it. We loved working with them and got so exc... My husband and I had our wedding reception at Nanina's in the Park on March 18, 2016 . A lot of guests had to take their meals home because cocktail hour provided so much great food! Needless to say after experiencing the quintessential Jersey cocktail hour and wedding that Nanina's provides everyone no... My husband and I can’t express how much we love Nanina’s! I wish I could eat here everyday. Having our wedding at Nanina's was the best decision we could have ever made. She continually told us to trust her and her staff’s magic and never gave us any reason to doubt her. Feel free to schedule a tour to see what makes Nanina’s In the Park the best place to host your wedding or private event. Also I had asked if they could have the venue decorated for christmas. Well done, Nanina’s! Seriously. She is truly the sweetest person!!! #BESTdayever The staff is AMAZING. The staff is also beyond compare. Knowing that we couldn’t get the amount of quality food and the royal service anywhere else, our venue was an easy choice for us. Nanina’s was also set up for the holidays and it made everything more special. I wish we could do the night all over again! It was seriously my dream wedding and I'm so happy we did it here. Their attention to detail and their charming demeanors are wonderful examples of why the staff at Nanina’s is so impressive: they are experts at their individual crafts, however they all paid special attention to the service element that made our guests feel so “at home” and comfortable while they enjoyed the party. Amazing! Welcome to Nanina’s In the Park, a New Jersey Landmark nestled in the cherry blossoms. From the moment me and my now husband walked in, Nanina's took our breath away. She even scrambled to find me a pair of flip flops that past brides have left behind because she was worried about me dancing barefoot! yed in touch with me. I love that the dance floor is recessed and the tables sit above. Every question we had was answered immediately, any concern addressed right away, and every visit complete with a martini and some delicious Chicken Nanina's. Everyone could not get over the over the top cocktail hour (especially the HOMEMADE MOZZERLLA station!! Three weeks later and we still have people complimenting how great the food was!! Also another thing that stood out was one of my guests spilt a drink on my aunts dress. Everything from start to finish couldn't have been better. It would've been nice to have ONE contact person at the venue who I could share my details with and not have to worry about those details getting lost and muddled. Our guests were in awe with how beautiful the wedding was and we could not have been happier with choosing Nanina's as our venue! Our wedding was November 29, 2019 and people are STILL texting me with how amazing everything was. The guys had a man cave with a TV and couch, and the girls had a beautiful room upstairs, perfect for hair and makeup. They also made sure Joe and I ate starting with a private cocktail hour, then dinner and then a table set aside full of desert so we didn't have to get up! The food, the dance floor, the way Nanina's is set up for Christmas. On our wedding day, Vicky and Marta were by me and my husband’s side every step of the way. First off the staff were impeccable and 200% hands on to all of my bri... Everything was PERFECT! The new ballroom is just simply beautiful. Martha our bridal attendant was also fantastic and made sure we had everything we needed. So this sort of gave us an excuse to say why not and check it out. I would recommend a day wedding to anyone! The location is absolutely beautiful, nestled away from the cities but close enough to the Garden State parkway. s leading up to our wedding day. The food, the staff, the venue are all top notch. I couldn't have asked for a better wedding day! Their Vendors Ceremony & Reception: Nanina’s in the Park, 973.751.1230 www.naninasinthepark.com Gown: Casablanca Bridal Bridesmaids: Bill Levkoff Tux: Calvin Klein Photography: Milton Gil Photographers 973.771.9700 If you are looking for a wedding venue, look no further. 1129 customer reviews of Nanina's in the Park. EXCELLENT!!!! Their grounds are amazing and the photos we got definitely are the best! https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/naninas-in-the-park-belleville-nj-384959 Not to mention there were two parties in full swing. What was on your menu The food as Nanina’s in the Park is like nothing I have ever experienced. e if the wedding was going to need to be postponed, luckily all worked out and we got married on Friday May 26, 2017 and I wish I could do it all over again. Right before I was about to walk into the room for the main entrance, Marta was on her hands and knees adding another pinned bustle to my dress so that it looked more even (she was incredible)! o with Naninas. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to start our happily ever after! I only pray I get to attend more weddings here as a guest so I can experience it all over again. Chef Vincenzo even made chicken valdostana for me and it was the best thing ever! In addition, we were told that cocktails started at 7pm but everyone was hurdled around the lobby area waiting to be let in. It feels wonderful when people describe your wedding as the “most beautiful wedding” and knowing they are speaking the truth because of how breathtaking Nanina’s truly is. This beautiful setting within the historical Branch Brook Park creates a picture-perfect ambience for intimate weddings as well large bridal events. to enjoy the day in style.” Nanina's in the Park 540 Mill Street, Belleville, NJ 07109 973.751.1230 Julian@naninasinthepark.com www.naninasinthepark.com We felt right at home and the dream we had for the most important day of our lives came true, all thanks to Nanina's!! I wish I could do it all over again. We loved it there but the price was a little out of our budget. The main ballroom is one of the most fabulous places for a wedding I have ever seen. People are saying it was the best wedding they have been to. Everyone who attended the wedding said it was amazing and one of the best weddings they've ever attended, and that means the world to me. By the end of the night, Vicky and Marta felt like family! Chef Vincenzo, and Syrus Kalantary were excellent representatives of Nanina’s staff both in food preparation and in service. He helped me with every stage of planning for over a year and a half and I cannot thank him enough. Thanks to Suzzie and everyone else who made our special day, their special day. Our courteous and attentive service staff, world-renowned award-winning chefs and even our owners and managers will be there to make sure that all your needs are met. when I walked in. Nanina's In The Park was amazing--from the beyond delicious food, to the helpful and professional staff, to the beautiful interior. Everyone here made sure that my husband and I as well as our guests were happy at all times! I cannot reiterate it enough just how much everyone at Nanina's knows what they are doing. The lavishly manicured grounds and traditional architecture provide the perfect scenery for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour. They were gallant and surprisingly modest, but also clearly very proud of the excellent product and service they presented to our 200 guests. Visitors to the area can find golf courses near Nanina's in the Park … I know, I know, we don’t want anymore snow or cold weather — but I can’t help but LOVE these NJ winter wedding photos!

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