The Music Teacher Shop


The Music Teacher Shop was designed to be a community music apparel store. Our mission is to help spread awareness of the importance of Music Education and the work music educators do through the sale of music-related apparel. Our platform allows music programs to sell apparel to support their music programs while helping to spread awareness and supply scholarship oppertunities.  

How it Works

The Music Teacher Shop is a multivendor platform that allows selected music programs to build an online shop. We call these “School Stores.” Each school store is unique to each individual school or music program. Every school store is set up by the Music Teacher Shop design team so that every School Store site is customized to the individual program. Once your school store is up and running it becomes a source of fundraising for you, the vendor. Students can share their page on social media and online in order to make sales. We take care of all the heavy lifting when it comes to shipping, returns, and printing and your program receives a commision for each and every sale made. Not only that, but 10% of all site-wide earnings are pooled to provide scholarships for High School Students who have been granted acceptance to a Music Program and plan on graduating with the intent of becoming a music teacher or perfomer.    

Opening a Store

Opening your own store is simple. Simply fill out our vendor registration form and we will reach out to you about designing  and branding options. Each school store has a backend dashboard, where you can monitor all sales and commisions your program receives. 

Product Feature

All our products are manufactured and Printed in the United States. Products are shipped usually 3- 5 days after purchase. Want to learn more about our product sourcing and fulfillment click the link below. 

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